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Foundry / Castings

We are a Hunter shop utilizing three HMP 10 and one HMP 20 automatic mold machines. We have two #722 Osborn cope & drag mold machines plus conventional molding equipment. We also have two Palmer mixers for no bake molds. We pour castings ranging in weight from ounces to 200 lbs. We pour on a daily basis both ductile iron and gray iron. Our melt equipment consists of a 1,000 KW Pillar with 4,000 and 3,000 pound furnaces, a 300 KW Pillar with a 1,500 pound furnace, and a 1,000 KW Ajax with 4,000 lb. furnace.

Synehi is very interested in working with you on your casting requirements. If you have existing Hunter patterns we are confident we can run them. If they are mounted patterns, but not Hunter sizes, we can change to Hunter sizes or run on our alternate equipment. Let us look at your requirements.

All of our production deprtments are located in the same compound enclosed by a 6' chain link fence.

Pouring Stainless Steel
Melt deck
Ladling molten steel into molds
Ladling molten metal into molds