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Machine Shop

Our machine shop is equipped with six CNC mills, one turning center, two Blanchard grinders, one lapping machine, two gear hobs, one gear shaper, and various support conventional machinery. Our shop is almost exclusively dedicated to machining our castings, Synehi's machine shop is also capable of performing minor tooling alterations and repairs.

Our machine shop is housed in a 20,000 square foot building in the same compound with the foundry. The shop was added in 1986 so we could offer our castings in the machined/finished condition. Synehi's machine shop also has space allocated for storage of completed releases against blanket orders/Kanbans. We offer this option when quantities and activity demand it.

All of our production departments are located in the same compound enclosed by a 6' chain link fence.

Allocated storage for completed releases
Allocated storage for completed releases

Milling center